“There is a crack in everything

  That’s how the light gets in.”

Echoing Canadian songwriter, Leonard Cohen’s song, Anthem, April Lewis agrees that even in the midst of midlife changes, opportunity can come knocking.

In her first book, Lovingly Arrogant: From Chaos to Contentment, she shares her writings of her personal journey from chaos to contentment in an authentic and humorous way.

This compilation of her newspaper articles and online blogs written over a five year period includes 74 pieces artfully arranged in 13 chapters from “We Can Do This Without Drugs” to “Love Actually…Reinvented.”

Travel, Christmas, friends, loss, family, aging, wellbeing, challenges, grief, love, gratitude, dating, sex and more!

An array of midlife musings as a Baby Boomer who is starting over and reinventing herself; and considering the minefield of dating, sex and falling in love again.

Take the rollercoaster ride of midlife reinvention along with April. Healing is sexy. And so is life at 64.

“Will you still feed me, will you still READ me, when I’m 64!”

Praise for Lovingly Arrogant

With compassion, humour, flair, and a big dose of cheekiness combined with a definite diva-esque attitude, local writer April Lewis takes us on her midlife journey of rediscovery and reinvention. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be outraged, but you will feel something. Including hope.”

Lynda Steele, CKNW Radio Host

“With sparkling humour and wit, and wisdom crystallized through the deep pain and joy of experience, April Lewis has created a book as endearing, insightful and loving as the author herself. As she guides readers through the transitions and discoveries of the Zoomer years — in all their messy, bewildering, joyous and hilarious glory — readers will come to feel they have made a true friend, one who navigates the journeys of the ageless human heart with style and grace.”

Melia McClure, author of The Delphi Room

“She’s been there, and done that, and so can speak from first-hand experience about how to bounce back from being ‘laid off’, not only from your job but from your marriage. Good humour, engagement, and getting naked are just some of the tactics employed. There’s a happy ending too. Enjoy the book!”

Moses Znaimer, President, ZoomerMedia Ltd.


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