A Birthday Poem for Julia: Part Deux

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If you have read my book, Lovingly Arrogant: From Chaos to Contentment, you will know I get a kick out of writing poetry.

Here is another birthday poem I have written for my younger daughter who is turning 30 next week. Enjoy!


A Birthday Poem for Julia: Part Deux

A year has gone by since I last penned a line

And Julia has aged like a fine vintage wine.

What a year it has been as I’m sure she’ll agree

A roommate named Rachel and an Education degree.


A trip to Cambodia, Thailand and Nam,

Actually on vacation and not on the lam.

Four days of silence at a Buddhist retreat

Her adventurous journey was almost complete.


A stop at a tailor to make her some clothes

She chose some of these and a couple of those.

Flying home first class with champagne to sip

She’s pleased with herself…it was a wonderful trip.


Relaxed and enlightened with nothing to fear

She’s ready to embark on a brand new career

So long Floating Spa and farewell to Moose

It’s time to move on and set this gal loose!


A job teaching tourism to folks from abroad

She believes in discipline but does spare the rod.

Instead she regales them with her charm and her wit

When they step out of line, she tells them to SIT!


She’s easy to love and what’s not to like!

A sexy, young thing with a new motorbike.

She loves being wild and a little bit kooky

Especially when riding her vintage Suzuki.


A definite chick-magnet if I ever did see

With room just for two and freedom makes three.

Yes, life’s coming together in a magical way

With friends, an apartment and regular pay.


She has a sister what loves her and a family that’s new

The world is her oyster…a room with a view.

She believes in good karma but how can that be?

When she makes fun of her mummy and steals her TV!


But all is forgiven as her mum can’t stay mad

She just has to chuckle and admit she’s been had.

Now Julia’s turned thirty, my baby no more

Three decades later, just look at her soar!


I have watched her grow into a woman so bold

With her disarming smile and her hair streaked with gold

She’s not easily bought and can never be sold

With her endless joie de vivre, she shall never grow old!


Happy 30th Birthday, Julia

Love and hugs, Mumsy


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