High School Reunion

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We don’t need no education 
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone!

Although Pink Floyd hadn’t yet written these lyrics when I was in high school, the song Another Brick in the Wall became an anthem for rebellious youth for decades.

My high school graduation was 1969. I wouldn’t exactly call myself rebellious although I did wear the shortest skirts and highest boots as I walked down the hallway with my nose in the air. You see, I was a member of the Drama club. Very elitist I was.

I wasn’t the most popular girl in school or the prettiest but I got along with everyone.

Fast forward to our high school reunion of 1979. I can honestly say I have no recollection of it.

Then suddenly it was 1989 and the twenty year reunion. Now that I do remember. All the dishy guys were balding and paunchy. All the cute girls weren’t so cute anymore. I remember unabashedly telling my friend that I looked better than anyone and I wanted to keep that memory intact.

No more high school reunions for this gal. Next year will be the 50th but I shall stay home.

I have several girlfriends, however, who recently attended their 50th reunion, including Catherine Sperling Dreyer who winged her way up to Prince George.

She wrote a poem about this experience and has allowed me to share it with you.

This could be my life she is writing about. Only thing missing is Kahlil Gibran and Hermann Hesse. I thought I was so cool reading these authors.

This could be your life.


Ours is a good life.

Into the fray when the swells of change are high

And the gifts inspired

Prophecy by Leonard Cohen

Insight by Bob Dylan

Craze by Jim Morrison

Peace by John Lennon

Anger by Alan Ginsburg

Sweet rejection by Laurence Ferlinghetti

Canada by Pierre Elliot Trudeau.


Ours is a good life.

On and on, and still swimming strong in the swells of change

And the action is brisk

Women on the move, move, move

Sexual equality is hot

She is making change in the government

She is making change in the university

She is calling herself MS

And having sex on the waterbed

Revelation: God is Dead.


Ours is a good life.

On and on, and the swell is internal and consuming

Stress and doing, doing, doing

Partners, kids, jobs, bills

Oh, there’s sweet joy, laughter, love

And heartache, heartbreak, courage

There are no plans that do not swerve

There are no promises that can be kept

Oh God, yes, You God, sustain us

This life is an earthy, rutted road.


Ours is a good life.

On and on, and the internal swell is loosening, calming

Looking outward, assessing

Refining, synthesizing

More aware, more flexible

Family, friends, colleagues

Conversations over dinner and wine

Politics, global inequity

Grateful to be Canadian

Grateful to be alive


Ours is a good life.

On and on, and letting go of the swell

Breathing, reflecting, filling in the holes

Learning humility

Can the next big one really be 70?

70 is not the new 50, it is our 70

We made it ours, we own it

 And it looks like this

And this is grace.

Ours is a good life.

Thank you Catherine for sharing your insightful poem. You have given us much to reflect upon but I am still not going to my 50th high school reunion next year.

Well maybe if Pink Floyd showed up…

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