Pandemic is a Scary Word

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I’m a little edgy these days.

I am trying to stay calm and focused during this COVID-19 pandemic and do my part to flatten the curve.

Like staying home.

But I go for my daily walks doing my best to socially distance from other humans.

Yesterday, as I walked along the road, I saw a group of people gathering so I crossed the road to avoid them.  Suddenly, one of them rushed across the road right for me.

I screamed, “Get away from me!”

He ran into the bushes, probably to have a pee.

I was stunned by my reaction but as I said, I am a little edgy these days.

Trying to stay positive.

Socially isolating isn’t really difficult for me as I am naturally lazy.  As long as I have my newspapers, crossword puzzles and books to read, I am content.

And my wine.

Of course, I am able to connect with family and friends through social media platforms although when I connect with Zoom, I have to wear a hat.

Did I mention my hair is a disaster?

Well, I am consoled knowing Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s top health officer, and I share the same concerns as we both made a quick trip to the drugstore to buy some hair dye.

First world problems, I know.

Trying to stay positive but some days are tougher than others.

Last week, I saw my younger daughter for the first time since January as I was out of the country and returned to socially isolate.  As she works in a seniors’ residential facility, I continued to stay away from her to protect her residents but we finally got together outside my home. We sat in folding camp chairs opposite each other with a good 2 meters between us.

I wanted to hug her but I couldn’t.

Last week, I saw my elder daughter from a distance as she delivered a case of B.C. rose to me (she is a wine representative who is now mostly unemployed) and two N-95 masks.

I reminded her where my will was then had my first meltdown.

Crying on my doorstep, telling her I know death is a natural part of life but that I didn’t want to die this way. From a virus.

I am feeling fragile these days.

As I sipped my delicious wine last week, I heard the news that the Union Gospel Mission was going to be providing Easter meals to thirty percent more people this year due to the virus, I felt helpless.

So I picked up my phone and with a few clicks, doubled my monthly contribution to UGM. The irony of my actions while drinking was not lost on me.

I am feeling anxious these days.

Listening to the numbers of the rising Corona virus cases and the deaths is disheartening. Hearing the emotion in Dr. Henry’s voice as she tallies up the numbers of the infected and the dead, is heart wrenching.

However, I am also feeling hopeful these days.

Knowing that BC is doing a great job in planking the curve and eventually this crisis will end and we will get back to normal, albeit a new normal.

Knowing that we have amazing and talented people at the helm who are valiantly working on the front lines.

Knowing that I am blessed with my health, a roof over my head, my family and my friends.

And food to eat. 

Blessed with beautiful spring weather.

We have so much to be thankful for.

Use this downtime to reflect and practice gratitude.

Stay safe.


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