Positive Summer Musings

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It’s a hot day in July and I am loving it.

I know our beautiful B.C. is burning and there is so much despair in the news but I am going to concentrate on happy thoughts and pour out the contents of my addled mind.

My summer musings we can call it and I dedicate this column to Carol if you are out there. A lovely Zoomer from White Rock who came to visit me one Saturday at the gift store I work at in Yarrow.

Dear Carol must have really questioned the owner who hired me as upon having difficulty with the cash register which was misbehaving, I had to add up her purchases with my phone calculator. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out the sales taxes and miscalculated which resulted in her paying an incorrect amount for her purchases.  We finally figured it out, dear Carol and I, but she must have walked away shaking her head and asking herself  ‘ and she writes a newspaper column?’

Yes Carol I do!

And sometimes I write about important, relevant issues but not this time.

Oh I thought about sharing my thoughts on the injustices revealed recently towards our Indigenous peoples and then rant about the historical injustices foisted upon Jewish Canadians during the last war when our Immigration minister declared “None is too many.”

Or the Chinese who built our railroads and united this fabulous, flawed country from sea to only to have a head tax imposed upon them.

Or the Japanese Canadians who were removed from their homes and stripped of their possessions and interred in camps in BC during World War II.

Or the East Indians from British India who arrived in Vancouver in 1914 on the Komagata Maru only to be denied entry and forced to return to Calcutta.

Oh I could rant but I won’t.

The sun is shining and I am in a good mood and prefer to muse on happier thoughts.

Did I mention I have not had a glass of wine since last week’s book club? No it  has nothing to do with the COVID weight gain and everything to do with knowing I can break a bad habit.

And of course I have my blood test coming up next week and I want to be kind to my liver enzymes.  My boyfriend says that is cheating!

Speaking of whom, we went golfing yesterday and I didn’t use that four letter golf word once and I don’t mean ‘fore’. I am getting to love my 5 hybrid club and even hit the golf ball down the centre of the fairway.  I think wearing the cute little golf dress adds to my proficiency in this inane game.

More good news! There is going to be $10 a day child care coming within the next five years. I am so excited as governments have been promising me reduced child care costs since my children were babies. They are now in their thirties! Maybe it’ll arrive in time for my future grandchildren.

Now now April, no cynicism please. Just happy thoughts.

And what about our hirsute boy wonder who is no longer hirsute. Our dear prime minister, Justin Trudeau has finally shaved off that ridiculous beard. Maybe it’s because his wife refused to kiss him or maybe it’s because there’s an imminent election and it makes him look more telegenic.

And cute.

People vote for cute.

That’s it from me as I’ve had my two shots and I’m off to the Calgary Stampede.

Enjoy the rest of your July Zoomers…and Carol.

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