What’s Age Got to Do With It? Part Deux

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I feel optimistic about the future of our country.

Recently I attended our grandkids’ Athletics Awards ceremony where they walked away with four awards between them including Athlete of the Year for their respective grades.

What a proud moment for us and their parents.

I couldn’t get over how young and beautiful and healthy all those teens receiving their trophies were. 

Must be the hormones in the milk. Or the fresh country air.

You should have heard all the accolades coming from their teachers and coaches. Words like integrity, resilience, kindness, selflessness, hard-working and strength.

Co-operative, considerate and caring.

And teamwork.

The school believes sports teach discipline and commitment which challenges the students and builds character for everything they will do in life.

If these kids represent our future, I can now relax as Canada will be in good hands.

I feel confident many of these youngsters have what it takes to run our country or at least teach our politicians how to behave and actually accomplish something together.

Better still, they could replace a few elected representatives while they’re at it.

Of course I hear you saying that couldn’t possibly happen as they are too young.

What’s age got to do with it?

Why does ageism creep into every conversation we have?

Ageism is defined as prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of one’s age. We stereotype people based on their age. Traditionally ageism focuses on the older person but it certainly applies to the younger as well.

But as my readers are most certainly at the latter end of the age spectrum, I ask you when is old considered too old?

Clint Eastwood, at 93 is still acting and directing movies. Are his films now not worthy of our attention?

Al Pacino and Robert deNiro recently sired another child in their late 70’s and early 80’s respectively. Does their age undermine their ability to parent their children?

The late and fabulous Tina Turner belted out her songs wearing the shortest of skirts when she was 70. Did that fact make her any less fabulous?

The Rolling Stones are still performing and aren’t they at least 100 by now? Well, not quite but you get my point.

My favourite actresses, Judy Dench and Maggie Smith are still acting in their late 80’s.

On my recent trip to Europe, I walked the equivalent of Hope to Osoyoos.

My friend in her 70’s is once again walking the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

And yet people are so quick to criticize one’s abilities and accomplishments solely based on their age.

Even Barbie’s Ken is too old according to critics.

Ryan Gosling, 42, has been getting flack for portraying Barbie’s plastic love match Ken in the new Barbie movie.

The trolls on social media are using the hashtag #NotMyKen to express their disapproval in the casting of Gosling saying he is too old to portray their perfect Ken with the perfect body and hair.

Some of these critics refer to the actor as ancient as they see Barbie and Ken as symbols of eternal youth.

Actually I thought Ken was ageless but as he was created in 1961, that would make him 62. Barbie is older than him at 64.

In fact, it is interesting to see the shift in the conversation around aging as ageism has predominately affected women in the movie industry and elsewhere. Now it’s the fellas turn.

Speaking of men, I shall posit the question again to you: When is old too old?

When you’re Joe Biden or Donald Trump running for re-election as US president!

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