Troubles in Paradise

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“I’ve got two tickets to paradise…” I wonder if the late Eddie Money actually made it to paradise. I did and it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Aquamarine lagoons and verdant jungles. Multi-coloured sunsets and endess sky. Calm blue waters which … Continued

Devil’s Brigade Knew No International Boundaries

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I am always amazed at the beauty of Alberta, specifically Waterton Lake National Park, with breathtaking views, nestled in the Rocky Mountains. At the same time, I am stunned by the natural splendor of Glacier National Park in Montana with  … Continued

Hope for the Future

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By 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish. This latest prediction comes from a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum. What a depressing thought. And last week, representatives of 132 governments around the world released a United Nations … Continued

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