Speed Dating Slows Down

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Happy Couples by Lucy French flickr.com Creative Commons License
Happy Couples by Lucy French flickr.com Creative Commons License
by April Lewis
July 15, 2016

I don’t usually do a Part Two to a column but I am following up on my June column, No time to be shy, fellas as I am sure you are dying to find out if I found the men I was seeking for White Rock’s first Speed Dating event.

When the blessed day arrived, we had 15 men and 15 ladies confirmed. At the appointed hour, two men were no-shows (shame on you!)  and we had an extra lady. So the session started with 13 men and 16 women…a little challenging, but we managed.

The room was abuzz with nervous chatter and endless smiles as the men shifted from table to table to meet the ladies who remained seated.  A little chaotic but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We, the committee, looked around anxiously, wondering if there would be any sparks or an instant connection.

We made a point of sending the results of the successful matches to the participants the next day so they wouldn’t have to wait too long.  It was then up to them to take the next step and arrange a date with that match.

A couple of weeks have gone by so I thought I would follow up with the fellas to see how it is going.

Two of the men picked no one…shame on you! Maybe there’s a reason you are still alone!

I called Hugh, 82. I recalled he was grinning like a Cheshire cat throughout the entire Speed dating event.  He “had so much fun” and called the experience “lighthearted” and “just marvelous.”

He had four matches and has contacted all of them.  There was one gal who he would very much like to see her again.  They seemed to click but he is content to wait until she has connected with her other matches and will await her phone call.

Suddenly I turned into a dating coach and advised Hugh to call her and reiterate what a lovely time he had.  “Don’t be shy, Hugh,” I cajoled. “Women love to hear that sort of thing.” It seems that speed dating has turned into snail dating.

Chuck, 70, had five matches but has only contacted two so far. He had a nice time with Date Number one but wants to connect with all five before making a decision about a second date. Good luck with that Chuck. If I was one of your matches and hadn’t heard from you by now, I wouldn’t be too impressed.

Don, 78, felt the experience left him with “a warm feeling” and has contacted his four matches already. Regardless of the outcome, he feels it is a “win-win situation as he got to meet and talk to so many nice people.  A great attitude.

Michael, 71, said he was surprised he got three matches “as I have been out of the scene forever.” He has connected with two of them so far. He felt the whole experience gave him confidence he forgot he had.

John, 67, had four matches, one of whom he knew previously from a social group. They have dated twice and he will see her at the end of the month. Again, I suggested he connect with her before then to “speed” things up.

Joytv will be airing a two-part segment covering our event on Fraser Focus. The first piece is called Never Too Late to Date and will be shown at 9 pm on Sunday, July 17th. Part Two is called Zoomer Speed Dating and airs July 24th.

Speed dating Zoomer-style. In slow motion.


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