Three Day Digital Detox

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I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Well Louis Armstrong, it doesn’t feel so wonderful this week as I have been unwell. However, I’m on the mend now, thanks.

I spent three days flat on my back wallowing in my self-imposed exile as I suffered through this cold/flu.  They say misery loves company but not this gal.

In fact, I completed disconnected myself from the world.  I didn’t answer my landline and I turned off my Smartphone so did not respond to any calls, texts or emails. I didn’t turn on a radio or a television. No Facebook, no YouTube, no Instragram, no Twitter, no Ipod. Nothing.

And I survived quite nicely.

I am sure those who care about me were a little concerned at my lack of communication but I felt confident that if I died, my neighbour would see my newspapers piled up outside my door and would call someone.

It was kind of freeing, my three day digital detox.

I hear it’s catching on.  An Edmonton mother was in the news having switched off her Smartphone in an effort to reconnect with her family and herself.

Apparently, researchers say 24/7 connectivity can actually cause a disconnect between humans who become less empathetic. Kind of ironic don’t you think

My guy has embarked on his own kind of self-imposed digital detox as he and his buddies head up North to the back country for their 31st annual hunting trip where they will be out of cell range.

A purposeful electronic disconnect where these senior boy scouts fend for themselves in the natural and raw outdoors.

No worries, no women and no WiFi.

Just wilderness, whiskey and wolves.

And a million stars twinkling above.

I am beginning to think, all of us are onto something that perhaps should be more entrenched into our daily routine.

As I am now feeling better, I have switched on everything electronic and have been inundated with news that is breaking my heart.

This time last year, we were in our beloved Napa Valley in California for the second year in a row.  It was wonderful seeing this beautiful part of the world dressed in her autumn colours at the end of the wine harvest.

Our favourite spot is Calistoga, a town of 5000 people, now evacuated due to wildfires. A ghost town.  Some of our favourite wineries destroyed by the relentless flames.

I feel devastated and helpless.

Still reeling on the heels of the Las Vegas massacre with its senseless death toll, I am asking myself why do I watch or listen to the news which upsets me so much.

More shootings in Surrey, more Fentanyl deaths and a despicable Hollywood mogul predator exposed.

House fires, hurricanes, car accidents, bombs and terrorists.

Extremely unsettling but what can I do about it?

Finding a balance is the first step.

I can easily embrace meatless Mondays and days where I don’t drive my car or spend any money so I will now embark on a diurnal digital detox. Not every day mind you, but I will start with one day a week.

Today as I listen to my car radio, the announcer says it is the 50th anniversary of Louis Armstrong’s iconic song, What a Wonderful World.

As I switch off and go for a walk or pick up a book and reconnect with myself, I am reassured that indeed it is still a wonderful world.

Albeit unplugged.


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