A Little Sunshine for Grandma

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I am hiding in Palm Springs.

I have run away.

Away from the madness that is COVID and convoys and Canada.

For two years, I have been Dr. Bonnie Henry’s poster child as to how to be compliant with the dynamic rules and mandates surrounding this wretched virus.

I have been double-vaxxed.

I have had my booster shot.

I wear a mask.

I keep my distance and my bubble small.

I wash my hands until they are raw.

And still I got COVID. Although I didn’t get a test to confirm it, I had all the symptoms of Omicron.

What is the bloody point I ask myself.

I have decided to get on with my life before my life runs out.

I choose not to be sucked into the vortex of the polarization COVID has caused; within our country, within our communities and within our families.

I choose to enjoy the happiness I can find whether it be hiking in the desert, sunning by the pool or enjoying the news from home from my younger daughter.

My daughter who is pregnant and expecting a girl.

I am finally going to be a grandmother!

Many years ago, I penned a column called Bless This Grand Biological Clock where I lamented the presumption I would never be a grandma as neither of my daughters expressed any desire to procreate. I celebrated the arrival of my grand-kitties instead.

I would vicariously enjoy the progeny of my girlfriends and revel in their delight in being a grandmother. My contribution to the development of these young minds would be in my buying them books. I encourage literacy and the love of reading.

And now it is my turn.

Did I mention I am going to be a grandmother for the first time?

Oh yes, I believe I did and I won’t let COVID rob me of my happiness.

I deserve to be happy.

Don’t worry, I told my gals at book club. The five minute rule still applies…five minutes to talk about our aches and pains and five minutes to talk about our grandkids.

And that includes me!

So, in scrolling through my phone, doing my best to ignore the grave news emanating from all corners of the globe, I stumbled upon a website called Shareably which posts stories meant to uplift and inspire its readers. It wants to enrich readers’ lives by highlighting positive stories.

Sounds good to me as I think we could use a little uplifting these days.

I came across a piece called Studies Show Kids Need Grandparents More Than We Realize.

My interest piqued, I read on.

It says all sorts of studies have shown that kids with active grandparents are happier and actually healthier as well.

Grandparents can be awesome free babysitters.

Grandparents come with lots of experience in raising kids. After all, we raised our own and they turned out okay…we hope. 

With our experience comes wisdom and we can share the lessons we have learned along the way.

According to a study published in The Gerontologist, having a positive relationship between the two generations reduces depressive symptoms in both groups. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Grandkids help us live in the present and enjoy each moment and milestone.

We can become their mentors and role models.

We can offer them stability and become the link to our family history.

We can give them unconditional love.

And books by Eric Carle and Robert Munsch.

And adorable clothes.

And contributions to their RESP!

I am over the moon.

Please COVID, don’t take away my moment in the sun.

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