June is Men’s Health Month

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It’s hard to believe this year is almost half over.

When I think of June, I think of the last day of school and Father’s Day and romantic weddings.

And strawberries.

But there is so much more to celebrate in the month of June. We have a week which celebrates seniors and World Elder Abuse Day is acknowledged.

June is also Pride Month and Indigenous History month.  And Filipino Heritage Month.

Let’s not forget to mention National Dairy Month and Adopt a Cat Month. And Migraine Awareness Month.

So if you are a gay senior with indigenous or Filipino roots who suffers from headaches and loves milk and wants a feline friend, you are in luck.

June is your month.

But there is more.  In June, we can actually observe individual days.

I was thrilled to learn about National Nail Polish Day and National Kissing Day. And National Martini Day. So much to celebrate.

And Global Beatles Day coupled with National Sunglasses Day.  I can just see myself with my painted orange nails and lips, sipping a dirty martini wearing my designer shades singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Donut Day. Did you know Canadians consume more donuts per capita than anywhere else in the world? (I learned that fact playing Canuckle).

Ah, life is good.

But it’s not so good if we eat too many of those delicious donuts and fail to take care of our health.  Ladies and gents, are you listening?

On a serious note though, June is also Men’s Health Month with a week dedicated to this important subject. It seems that women outlive the men in their lives as my friends and acquaintances who are widows would attest to.

Traditionally, men are less likely to seek help to improve their physical or mental health and often die young from something preventative or treatable. My ex-husband died at 71 of complications due to diabetes which I always felt could have been better managed.

According to the Government of Canada website, Men’s Health Week, June 11-17, is an opportunity to build awareness about the importance of physical health and well-being among Canadian men, and to encourage men to take action to improve their overall health.

Canadians are some of the healthiest people in the world; however, we know that many Canadian men are not as healthy as they could be: 29% are obese; 82% do not meet physical activity guidelines; 76% don’t eat healthy food; and 35% don’t get enough sleep.

Small actions can have a significant impact in preventing many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. A lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity and adequate sleep as well as limiting alcohol consumption and not smoking, can have an enormous positive and long-term impact on men’s health.

Building awareness includes providing men with the tools and resources needed to make lifestyle changes that can improve their health. That is why the Government of Canada continues to invest in innovative partnerships like the one with the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation on the Don’t Change Much initiative.  http://dontchangemuch.ca/

This engaging, online resource includes practical tips and tools that can help men to make lifestyle changes to improve their long-term physical and mental health.

Let’s encourage and support the men in our lives to take the first step in making those small changes that can make a big difference to their overall health and well-being.

Guys, we love you and don’t want to lose you as who would take out the garbage?

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